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Rangkuman Materi Discussion Text

Jika kita melihat berbagai macam tayangan televisi sekarang, kita akan disuguhkan dengan acara-acara yang sifatnya diskusi, debat, bahkan konfrontasi verbal, entah dalam bincang-bincang berita, reality show (seperti Indonesia Lawyers Club dan Mata Najwa) bahkan di acara hiburan sekalipun. Poin penting dalam acara-acara tersebut, yaitu adanya diskusi atau obrolan tentang sesuatu yang bersifat kontroversi, misalkan diskusi tentang pemberlakuan belajar daring selama PSBB, kontroversi kebijakan reklamasi Gubernur DKI Jakarta, dll. Kita ambil satu contoh kasus di atas, banyak orang yang mendukung diberlakukannya belajar daring selama PSBB dengan tujuan untuk menekan penyebaran Virus Covid 19, namun ada juga yang menentang dengan alasan sekolah mereka masuk zona hijau atau biru ditambah adanya kecemburuan sosial dengan dibukanya tempat liburan dan pusat perbelanjaan. Jika wacana yang bersifat kontroversi di atas dituangkan ke dalam sebuah teks Bahasa Inggris (English Text), maka akan menjadi discussion text. Sekarang kita akan kumpas tuntas teks diskusi (discussion text). Teks yang mendiskusikan hal-hal yang bersifat kontroversi.

  1. Definition
    Discussion text adalah teks Bahasa Inggris yang disajikan untuk membahas suatu hal yang umum yang menjadi perdebatan atau pro-kontra di kalangan masyarakat. (To present a problematic discourse. This problem will be discussed in different viewpoints.)
  2. Purpose
    Tujuan discussion text adalah untuk menyajikan isu yang didiskusikan dalam dua sudut pandang yang berbeda, sudut pandang pro (yang setuju) dan kontra (yang menentang). (The purpose/goal/aim of discussion text is to present the issue discussed in two points of view, pro and contra.)
  3. Generic Structure
    Untuk membedakan dengan jenis teks lainnya dalam Bahasa Inggris, discussion text memiliki kerangka (generic structure) khusus. Inilah generic structure dari discussion text.

    • Stating an issue: Bagian teks ini menyatakan sebuah isu yang akan didiskusikan. (Stating an issue which is to discussed)
    • Arguments for. Bagian teks ini menghadirkan poin yang mendukung isu yang sedang didiskusikan. (Presenting the supporting points of the presented issue.)
    • Arguments against. Bagian teks ini menyajikan gagasan-gagasan yang menentang isu yang sedang didiskusikan.(Presenting other points which disagree to the supporting view of points)
    • Recommendation. Bagian ini berisi tentang saran dari penulis teks tentang isu yang tengah didiskusikan. (Stating the writer’ recommendation of the stated discourse.)

    Quick tips:
    Cara menghafal cepat struktur discussion text:

    Tissu-nya Agum (+/-) ada di Comments


    • Tissu-nya = Issue
    • Agum (+/-) = Arguments for/against
    • Ada di comments = Recommendation
  4. Language Feature
    Discussion text memiliki fitur-fitur kebahasaan khusus yang membedakan teks tersebut dengan English text yang lainnya. Berikut ini adalah fitur kebahasaan discussion text.

    1. Memperkenalkan Introducing category or generic participant
    2. Menggunakan kata kerja berpikir (thinking verbs). Misalkan: wish, feel, consider, agree, disagree, assume, hope, believe, dll.
    3. Menggunakan konjungsi-konjungsi dalam bahasa Inggris, di antaranya:
      • Penambahan (additional conjunction), seperti and, moreover, besides, furthermore, in addition, also
      • Pertentangan (contrastive conjunction), seperti but, yet, however, on the contrary, whereas, meanwhile, nevertheless, unlike
      • Sebab-akibat (causal conjunction), seperti because, since, as, so that, consequently, as a result
      • Kesimpulan (concluding conjunction), seperti so, hence, thus, accordingly
    4. Menggunakan modalitas (auxiliary modals). Misalkan:must, will, should, could, may, dll.
    5. Menggunakan keterangan cara (adverbial of way). Misalkan: seriously, surely, deliberately, doubtly, carefully, creatively, hopefully, dll.

Di bawah ini adalah contoh discussion text beserta generic structures dan analisis language features-nya !!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Office

Stating an issue
Everybody like home sweet home however making office at home is possible and recommend. Of course home office will have both advantage and disadvantage. Therefore it is wise to consider the strengths and weaknesses to have a home office.

Arguments for
Some people will agree that having office at home will make benefit. It saves time. We need no commuting which occasionally takes a long time. Besides we are free to set the work schedule. Having home office will save money as we need not to purchase or lease of office space from rent companies. What make it more flexible is that we can set part or all parts of our home just as a real office. What we need is only a wireless router to cover all parts of our house with Internet. We can run our business wherever part of house we want, from living room, bed room, veranda, etc even we can make sell or purchase by online shopping for things we need. Furthermore Working at home might reduce stress, effort and time and divert it to other more productive things because while working, we are close to our families.

Arguments against
However making home as office also has some disadvantages. For some people, keeping the schedule is hard in flexible time. Such people types will harder if they are working just from home. There will no clear border between working and breaking. Working just from home also reduces the possibility to meet new people. It is true that computer and Internet connection possibly relate people every time and everywhere but we will interact with them in a dimension which is not real face.

So considering carefully what we actually need in running our business is much recommended before choosing to have office at home or not.

Analsis language features (Perhatikan kata-kata yang dihuruf miring!)

  1. Contrastive conjunction: however
  2. Concluding conjunction: so, therefore
  3. Additional conjunction: furthermore
  4. Modal verb: will, can
  5. Thinking verb: consider, feel

Contoh Soal Discussion Text Jawaban & Pembahasannya

Bacalah discussion text berikut ini dan jawablah pertanyaannya dengan tepat!


Pros and cons of Abortion

Do you agree with abortion? When someone asks this to the people, there may be many “yes” and equal number of “no”, voicing their opinion over this. Abortion has always been a debatable subject amongst the masses as people have their own arguments regarding it.

For those who are for, they think that sometimes life can be really harsh on us. In some cases, medical emergencies make a woman resort to this action because there is a possibility to be at risk, if she delivers the child. In some other cases, some of the rape victims can be minors. They won’t be mentally or physically prepared to have the newborn baby. Giving life to such an unwanted child may cause troubles for both mother and the child.

After all, abortion implies denying someone a well-deserved life. Just because the odds are not in our favor, can we deprive someone the chance to live? Besides, having an abortion done also carries the risk of not being able to become pregnant ever again in life. Abortion can also lead to serious health complications or even a death.

Whether you agree or not, abortion will always happen in our society. While for one, having a forced child can be a highly miserable experience, to the other, abortion can be a highly miserable experience.

Soal No.1
What does the text tell you about?

  1. The opinion of agreeing abortion
  2. The ideas who dissent abortion
  3. The pro and contra of doing abortion
  4. The phenomenon of abortion as social problem
  5. The reasons abortion phenomenon still occurs among us

Teks di atas adalah discussion text yang intinya membicarakan tentang pro dan kontra melakukan aborsi (The pro and contra of doing abortion.)
Jawaban C

Soal No.2
What is the social purpose of the text about?

  1. To present an issue to be discussed in two different ppoints of view
  2. To discuss about a social phenomena occuring in our society
  3. To present a general issue that is absurd in our society
  4. To give information about the advantages and disadvantages of doing abortion
  5. To tell the readers about socio-cultural phenomenon

Tujuan dari discussion text adalah menghadirkan sebuah isu untuk didiskusikan dalam dua sudut pandang, yang pro dan yang kontra (To present an issue to be discussed in two different points of view.)
Jawaban A

Soal No.3
The following is not the people’s idea of disagreeing abortion?

  1. Abortion implies denying someone a well-deserved life.
  2. Doing abortion will minimize a possibility of medical risk if the woman delivers the child.
  3. Having an abortion done also carries the risk of not being able to become pregnant ever again in life
  4. Abortion is one of immoral action that breaks religion rules
  5. Abortion can also lead to serious health complications or even a death.

Yang bukan merupakan alasan/ide menentang aborsi adalah aborsi dapat menekan kemungkinan risiko medis jika si ibu/wanita melahirkan bayi (Doing abortion will minimize a possibility of medical risk if the woman delivers the child.)
Jawaban B

Soal No.4
What is the main idea of second paragraph?

  1. The ideas who doesn’t support abortion
  2. Doing abortion is a solution of medical emergency to save mother’s life
  3. The possible effect of doing abortion for both mother and baby physically and mentally
  4. The arguments who agree to do abortion.
  5. The phenomenon of abortion accuring in our society

Ide utama (main idea) paragraf dua adalah tentang argumen yang setuju melakukan aborsi (the arguments who agree to do abortion.)
Jawaban D

Soal No.5
The word “our” in abortion will always happen in our society in the last paragraph refers to ….

  1. The writer and the readers of the discussion text
  2. The abortion doer and the writer
  3. The readers and the doctors who help woman doing abortion
  4. The people who disagree with abortion and the religious experts
  5. The writers and the people who agree abortion

Kata our dalam kalimat abortion will always happen in our society merujuk ke penulis (the writer) dan para pembaca (the readers of discussion text)
Jawaban A

Soal No.6
What is the generic structures of the passage about?

  1. General statements, explanation
  2. Opening statement, explanation, conclusion
  3. Stating an issue, argumentation, evaluation
  4. Introduction, description, recommendation
  5. Issue, arguments for, arguments against, and recommendation.

Generic structure dari discussion text adalah issue, arguments for, arguments against, and recommendation.
Jawaban E

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