Rangkuman Materi, Contoh Soal Asking And Giving Opinion & Pembasahannya

Rangkuman Materi Asking And Giving Opinion

Asking opinion maknanya “meminta/menanyakan pendapat” dan giving opinion artinya “memberikan pendapat”. Kedua ungkapan ini digunakan dalam satu paket percapakapan (conversastion). Inti dari sebuah kecapakan berbicara (speaking ability) yang menjadi fokus materi-materi bahasa Inggris Kurtilas/Kurtilas revisi adalah adanya kemampuan untuk menyampaikan pendapat (giving an opinion). Dengan adanya kemampuan untuk menanyakan dan menyampaikan pendapat (asking and giving opinion), kapasitas orang tersebut dapat terlihat. Berikut ini adalah ungkapan asking and giving opinion.

Asking opinion

Giving opinion

  • What do you think about?
  • What is your opinion about?
  • What is your perception of?
  • Do you think that….?
  • Don’t you think that ….?
  • How do you see…?
  • What is your view on ….?


Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang ……

Personal reference:


  • I think
  • In my opinion,
  • As far as I concerned,
  • I reckon
  • As I see it
  • To my mind
  • By this I mean


Menurutku, saya pikir …..

Non personal reference

  • Based on….

    (Berdasarkan ….)

  • According to

    (Menurut …)

  • In accordance with

    (berdasarkan ….)


  • Personal reference artinya pendapat yang disarikan berdasarkan opini pribadi saja.
  • Nonpersonal reference artinya pendapat yang kita sampaikan ulang berdasarkan opini, fakta, atau informasi dari pihak lain: koran (newpaper), internet, majalah (magazine), aturan (rules), hukum (law) atau keputusan (decision) serta hasil riset (research result)

The adjectives you can use for your opinion

Dalam menyampaikan opini, tentunya kita harus memiliki ukuran pendapat kita. Biasanya, selain dengan data angka (numerical data) ukuran berpendapat juga bisa dinyatakan secara kualitatif dengan menggunakan kata sifat (adjectives). Ada dua jenis adjectives: 1. Positive adjective (untuk berpendapat tentang sesuatu yang terkesan baik/sesuai) dan 2. Negative adjectives (untuk berpendapat tentang sesuatu yang terkesan tidak baik/sesuai)

Positive adjectives

Good (bagus), humorous (humoris), enchanting (memikat), fascinating (memesona), nice (baik), amazing (luar biasa), marvelous (keren), great (hebat), incredible (luar biasa), terrific (luar biasa keren), sexy (mantap), satisfying (memuaskan), satisfactory (memuaskan), beautiful (cantik), handsome (tampan), fabulous (keren), excellent (hebat), superior (unggul), extravagant (luar biasa), interesting (menarik),  etc

Negative adjectives

Bad (jelek/tidak baik),  awful (mengerikan),  hectic (tidak tenang), the worst (terburuk), terrible (buruk sekali), dangerous (bahaya), hazardous (bahaya), irritable (gampang marah),  ridiculous (konyol/bodoh), disappointing (mengecewakan), awkward (aneh/janggal), boring (membosankan), etc

The pattern:

Pola untuk menyampaikan opini (giving an opinion) adalah:

S + (are/am/is) + very/so/really + ADJECTIVE because ___(give your logical reasons)________


Setelah giving an opinion, kita sebaiknya menambahkan logical reason (alasan logis) kita beropini seperi itu.

For example:

Dialoge 1

Ali   : What do you think about the film? (Bagaimana pendapatmu tentang film tersebut?)

You : In my opinion, the film is too boring because the plot of the story is flat and the characterization of the players failed at all. (Menurut pendapat saya, film tersebut terlalu membosankan karena alur ceritanya datar dan pewatakan pemainnya gagal sama sekali)


Dialogue 2

Reno  : How do you see the condition of Koppasus (Komando Pasukan Khusus) today?

Juliet : According to the data from International Military Survey, Koppasus is out of 20 top rank as World best elite forces. It is because of, at least, one thing: our government doesn’t give special cares to that Indonesian elite force, such as sufficient finance, the availability of modern military weapons and practical zones, and its limited involvement to handle conflict in and outside our country, Indonesia.

Reno  : I see.


Dialogue 3

Jordy : A week ago, Alex was nominated as the potential young motivator and he just won an international young motivator competition held in Singapore. What is your opinion about him?

Indah : In my opinion, Alex is proper to get that because he is capable of persuading people when he is speaking in front of public. His way of speaking is, also, full of motivating and techincal words that enchant people listening his speech.

Jordy  : Exact opinion.


Dialogue 4:

Tantri : My brother just visited Pangalengan in South Bandung, West Java. He said that It was very cool there. What do you think?

Reski : He is right. I think Pangalengan is cool even fresher than Bandung itself. It has spacious and beautiful tea plantation. We also can see two viral and iconic buildings there: “Rumah Bosscha” (Bosscha House) dan “Rumah Pengabdi Setan” (Satanic Slave House). There, we also can swim and enjoy the hot spring water in Cibolang or enjoy the beautiful scenery of Cileunca and Situ Datar Lake. And one thing, you can enjoy healthy freshmilk as Pangalengan is the centre of cowmilk production in Indonesia. Above all, it is alike a little paradise.

Tantri : Wow, what an amazing place! I wonder to visit it one time.


Dialogue 5:

Dora   : What is your view on the desease caused by Corona Virus?

Diego : As far as I see, Corona Virus is very dangerous and infectious. Its spread is so rapid. It can ruin human respiratory organs if the human is slowly treated. Untill now, there are no medicines to cure the sufferers or special vaccine to protect human’s body.

Dora  : How horrible that virus is!

Contoh Soal Asking And Giving Opinion Jawaban & Pembahasannya

Soal No.1

Lia : What is your opinion about The End Game film?

Ali :____________

Lia  : I agree with you. Besides, the plot is very epic and full of fantasy that makes us enchanted!

  1. I think the film is too boring
  2. As I see, the film shows extraordinary actions that amazed me
  3. I have never seen that film
  4. In my opinion, the director failed to entertain me with the flat plot
  5. The film is sarcastic and it is not proper to bee seen by children
Pernyataan I agree with you. Besides, the plot is very epic and full of fantasy that makes us enchanted! yang memiliki komentar yang bernada positif menunjukan bahwa Ali sebelumnya beropini dengan nada posisif dan ditunjukan oleh opsi B “As I see, the film shows extraordinary actions that amazed me” yang bermakna “Sebagaimana yang saya tahu, film memperlihatkan aksi-aksi luar biasa yang menghiburku.”

Jawaban B

Soal No.2

Biru : ___________________ ?

Mr. Black :   I thinks Full-day school is not effective for Indonesian children. It is too tiring and reduces their time to play or do their hobbies outside the classroom activity.

  1. Do you see that full-day school is good for our children?
  2. Are you sure that full-day school is effective:
  3. Do you agree with the implementation of full-day school?
  4. What do you think about full-day school?
  5. How do you support full-day school system?
Pernyataan dari Mr. Black yang menunjukan pemberian opini (giving an opinion) diambil berdasarkan pertanyaan tentang opini (asking opinion) yang ditunjukan oleh opsi D “What do you think about full-day school?” (Apa pendapatmu tentang sekolah full-day?)

Jawaban D

Soal No.3

Joko : What do you think about the phenomenon of Indonesian celebrities consuming drugs?

Alif   :_____________

The following is not inappropiate answer for Joko’s asking opinion to Alif is?

  1. In my view, using drugs to minimize the work pressure is a usual thing for some celebrities.
  2. I see that the phenomenon of drugs abuse is not ethical for our culture.
  3. I think they had better stop consuming drugs because they are idols or public figures for young generation.
  4. I think they are reflecting western culture which is not good Indonesia’s young generation.
  5. I don’t think using drugs is the better solution to minimize stress for celebrities.
Jawaban (giving opinion) yang bukan jawaban yang etis/sopan dari pertanyaan Joko adalah ditunjukan opsi A “In my view, using drugs to minimize the work pressure is a usual thing for some celebrities.” Yang bermakna “Dalam kecamata saya, menggunakan obat-obatan untuk meminimalisasi tekanan kerja adalah hal yang biasa untuk sejumlah selebritas.”

Jawaban A

Soal No.4

Elen : What do you think off online learning during the pandemic Covid 19?

You  : __________________________________

(Which answer doesn’t show the negative opinion of what Elen is asking?

  1. As far as I know, students’s doing online learning are not as happy as when they do face to face learning because they can’t meet and interact with their friends during online learning.
  2. In my opinion, online learning held too long is not effective because the students tend not to be enthusiastic.
  3. I really think that online learning during the pandemic Covid 19 waste too much money for students and teachers because they must use much internet quota.
  4. In my view, online learning is not so effective as face to face-learning because online learning restrict the students to interact well with the teacher.
  5. I think online learning can effectively minimize the spread of Corona Virus because it reduces frequent physical contacts among people.
Opsi jawaban yang tidak menunjukan opini negatif (negative opinion) ditunjukan oleh opsi E “I think online learning can effectively minimize the spread of Corona Virus because it reduces frequent physical contacts among people.”yang bermakna “ Saya rasa pembelajaran daring (dalam jaringan) bisa menekan dengan efektif penyebaran Virus Corona karena hal tersebut mengurangi seringnya kontak fisik di antara orang-orang.”

Jawaban E

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