Rangkuman Materi Passive Voice Bahasa Inggris UTBK-SBMPTN


Passive voice merupakan kalimat di mana objek dari kalimat aktif menjadi subjek pada kalimat pasif. Pola kalimatnya: S + to be + past participle. Contoh:

      •  Present tense, polanya: S + (are, am, is) + V3
        a. Active: He drinks a cup of milk.
        b. Passive: A cup of milk is drunk (by him).
      • Past tense, polanya: S + (was, were) + V3
        a. Active: He drank a cup of milk.
        b. Passive: A cup of milk was drunk (by him).
      • Future simple, polanya: S + Will/Shall + be + V3
        a. Active: I will visit my cousin
        b. Passive: My cousin will be visited (by me).
      • Present continuous, polanya: to be (are, am, is) + being + V3
        a. Active: I am writing a novel.
        b. Passive: A novel is being written ( by me).
      • Present perfect, polanya: S + have/has + been + V3
        a. Active: I have done my homework.
        b. Passive: My homework has been done by me
      • Present perfect continuous, polanya: S + have/has + been + being + V3
        a. Active: I have been studying Mathematics.
        b. Passive: Mathematics has been being studied (by me).
      • Modals, polanya: S + modals (can, must, may, etc) + be + V3
        a. I can finish my work on time.
        b. My work can be finished on time (by me).

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