Rangkuman Materi, Contoh Soal Expressions Of Agreement And Disagreement & Pembahasannya

Rangkuman Materi Expressions Of Agreement And Disagreement

Agreement artinya ”setuju” disagreement artinya “tidak setuju”. Ungkapan ini sering digunakan dalam percakapan bahasa Inggris dan biasanya satu paket penggunaan dengan giving an opinion (memberi pendapat), artinya setelah kita menyatakan persetujuan atau ketidaksetujuan akan sesuatu, kita langsung menambahkannya dengan giving an opinion expression atau ungkapan memberi pendapat. Berikut ini adalah ungkapan setuju dan tidak setuju dalam bahasa Inggris: 




(Tidak setuju)

  1. I dont’t agree more

    (Saya tidak perlu setuju lagi/ saya tidak perlu bicara lagi…)

  2. I feel the same way about …

    (Saya pikir sependapat dengan….)

  3. You are right

    (Ya, kamu benar)

  4. That’s what I mean

    (Ya, itu maksud saya)

  5. I agree with/to

    (Saya setuju dengan ….)

  6. I approve of

    (Saya setuju dengan ….)

  7. It sounds very interesting/good

    (Itu kedengarannya bagus/ide menarik)

  8. Your are telling me

    (Kamu sedang mengungkapkan apa yang ada di benak saya)

  9. That’s good/the best idea. I like it

    (Ya, itu ide yang bagus, saya suka itu)

  10. That’s the point

    (Nah, itu yang paling penting)

  11. It sounds great at all

    (Kedengarannya ide yang bagus)

  12. I fully support that idea

    (Saya mendukung itu/apa yang kamu katakan)

  1. I disagree/don’t agree with/to

    (Saya tidak setuju dengan…)

  2. I dissent because

    (Saya tidak sependapat karena …)

  3. I don’t approve of

    (Saya tida sepakat dengan …)

  4. I deny that

    (Saya menyangkal/menolak itu…)

  5. That feels like the worst thing

    (Saya pikir itu ide yang buruk/ kurang bagus)

  6. It sounds too bad/risky/difficult)

    (Kedengarannya terlalu buruk/ berisiko/sulit)

  7. That’s trouble idea

    (Itu ide yang buruk/ kurang pas)

  8. That’s actually good

    (Sebenarnya itu bagus namun/tetapi ….)

  9. That’s not what I think

    (Itu tidak sejalan dengan pikiran saya)

  10. I couldn’t agree with you less

    (Saya kurang sependapat lagi dengan …)

  11. I am sorry but …

    (Maaf ya, tetapi …)

  12. Excuse me, but …

    (Maaf ya, tetapi)

  13. That’s true but ….

    (Ya, itu benar, tetapi ….)

  14. Nothing of the kind

    (Tidak ada usulan yang bagus)

  15. Of course not

    (Tentu saja tidak demikian)

  16. I think you are mistaken

    (Saya pikir kamu salah kaprah)


Setelah mengungkapkan agreement dan disagreement, kita biasanya menambahkan sebuah opini yang menjadi alasan mengapa kita setuju atau tidak setuju dengan permasalahan yang sedang dibicrakan. Ungkapan memberi pendapat atau giving an opinion adalah sebagai berikut:

I think, In my opinion,  As far as I concerned,, I reckon, Based on, According to, In accordance with, As I see it, To my minD, By this I mean

Examples in dialogues:

Dialogue 1: (Stating “Disagreement”)

Paijo       : Tomy will be asked to represent our school to students exchange program. In fact, he know nothing about our school.

Idris        : I disagree with that. He must be competent and know much about our school in order that he can represent quality of our school.

Dialogue 2: (Stating “Agreement”)

Hilqi     : Indonesia has to import rice from Vietnam to fullfil regional need. In fact, Indonesia is one of the greatest rice producer in Asia.

Poppy  : I agree with that. I know Indonesia is the great rice producer but for the time being, the import of rice is needed to supply the urgent need. It will be a serious problem if the shortage of food in Indonesia occurs.


Dialogue 3: (Stating “Disagreement”)

Ajeng       : The president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, issues a discourse to displace the capital city of Indonesia out of of Java.

Daus        : That is wrong idea. It is said that Borneo Island is the location of Indonesia’s capital city next. However, its construction will ruin the balance of ecosystem largely furthermore this plan doesn’t consider environmental ethics.

Contoh Soal Expressions Of Agreement And Disagreement & Pembahasannya

Soal No.1

Dialogue 1

Jordy    : Do you agree if our school holds the annual exhibition in the end of this year?

Anton     : I think that’s not good idea for now. Our goverment nowadays are prohibitting all kinds of activity that involve mass because the crowd of people will ease the spread of Covid 19. It is impossible to keep physical distancing in it. Before the medicine and vaccine are discovered, it is too risky.

The italicized sentence expresses …..

  1. Agreement
  2. Certainty
  3. Giving an opinion
  4. Disagreement
  5. Disbelief

Ungkapan yang dihuruf miring di atas “I think that’s not good idea for now”  termasuk ungkapan tidak setuju (disagreement). Ungkapan di atas bisa diganti dengan ungkapan lainnya yang bermakna sama:

I dissent because, That’s not what i think, I couldn’t agrre with you less, That feels like the worst thing, It sounds too bad, That’s trouble idea,  I am sorry but , Excuse me, but , That’s true but, Nothing of the kind, Of course not, I think you are mistaken ,I don’t approve of, I  deny that

Penjelasan dari tiap-tiap opsi jawaban adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Opsi A = Agreement artinya “ungkapan setuju”
  • Opsi B = Certainty artinya “ ungkapan kepastian atau keyakinan”
  • Opsi C = Giving an opinion artinya “ungkapan memberi pendapat”
  • Opsi D = Disbelief artinya “ungkapan tidak percaya”

Jawaban D

Soal No.2

Dialogue 2

Alex      : In the class discussion held last week, Rindu said that brain cancer is more dangerous than blood cancer or Leukimia because the sufferes of Leukimia have more opportunity to discover than those of brain cancer even though the process of medication or chemotherapy needs longer time and much money.

Nurdin  : _____________. A study of medical research that brain cancer sufferers have no guarantee to be alive after they take surgery because brain and heart is two of the most vital human organs.

The appropiate expression to fill the blank part is ……..

  1. That’s not what I think
  2. I agree with her
  3. I can’t accept this
  4. That’s not good idea
  5. I disapprove of her

Ungkapan yang paling tepat untuk mengisi bagian yang kosong (blank space) adalah dengan ungkapan setuju (I agree with her). Ungkapan lainnya yang satu makna dengan I agree with her adalah:

That’s good/the best idea. I like it, That’s the point, It sounds great at all, I fully support that idea, Fine with me, I dont’tagree more, I feel the same way about …, You are right, That’s what i mean, I agree with/to, I approve of, It sounds very interesting/good, Your are telling me,

Pembahasan untuk tiap-tiap opsi jawaban adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Opsi A : That’s not what I think artinya itu tidak seperti yang aku pikirkan.
  • Opsi C : I can’t accept this artinya saya tidak bisa menerimanya (pendapat itu)
  • Opsi D : That’s not good idea artinya itu bukan ide yang bagus
  • Opsi E : I diapprove of her artinya saya tidak sependapat dengannya.

Jawaban B

Soal No.3

Dialogue 3

Dono   : I think Sania is very competent in operating computer. She has started to use it since she was 5 years. At that age, she could type with two fingers, design the simple pictures, and copy-paste files with keyboard mode.

Indro   : You are right. When she was in seven grade of Junior High School, she has created a professional website for her school. I think she deserves to study more to support her capability after she has graduated from Senior High School.

The underlined expression can be replaced by these, EXCEPT …..

  1. I couldn’t agree more
  2. I disagree with you
  3. That’s true
  4. Of course
  5. I think you have the same opinion with me

Ungkapan you are right yang atinya “Ya, kamu benar” menunjukan ungkapan setuju atau agreement. Ungkapan yang tidak bisa menggantikan you are right adalah ungkapan yang terdapat di opsi B, yaitu I disagree with you yang artinya “saya tidak setuju denganmu”. Arti ungkapan lainnya tiap-tiap opsi jawaban adalah:

  • Opsi A : I couldnt agree more artinya saya tidak perlu ngomong apa-apa lagi dan menyatakan setuju
  • Opsi C : That’s true artinya itu benar dan menunjukan kesetujuan.
  • Opsi D : Of course artinya tentu saja dan menunjukan setuju
  • Opsi E : I think you have the same opinion with me artinya “saya pikir kamu memiliki opini yang sama dengan saya dan menunjukan setuju.”

Jawaban B

Soal No.4

Dialogue 4

Jendry  : I think Indonesia should produce self-vaccine to overcome covid 19 cases. Our country has potential scientist, doctor, chemist, and pharmacist.

Arkan  : You are right but for the time being we have to import it._________________________

The appropiate sentence to fill in the blank space is ________

  1. We do not need quick handling to minimize the rate of people’s death.
  2. We have more time to observe and produce the vaccine.
  3. Other countries, such as China and Russia have examined and produced the vaccine.
  4. I think our herbal medicine is also good to heal the disease caused by Covid 19 virus.
  5. We have to believe in our country’s great experts who can produce the vaccine.
Arkan menunjukan ungkapan ketidaksetujuan (disagreement) karena ada ungkapan you are right but ….. (kamu benar akan tetapi…). maka penjelasan atau opinion yang tepat untuk mensupport ungkapan disagreement tersebut adalah yang C. Other countries, such as China and Russia have examined and produced the vaccine. (Negara lainnya juga, Cina dan Rusia sudah menguji dan memproduksi vaksin tersebut)

Jawaban C

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