Rangkuman Materi Expression

Offering Help or Things (menawarkan bantuan / menawarkan sesuatu)

Untuk menawarkan bantuan, dapat digunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut

– May I help you?

– Can I help you?

– Could I help you?

– How can I be of assistance to you?

– How can I be of help to you?

– What can I help you

– What can I do for you?

– How can I assist you?

– How can I help you?

– Let me help you?

– Do you want me to help you?

– Shall I …?


– let’s + V1

– Why don’t we …?

– How about…?

– I’d like to invite you to…

– Would you like to…?

– I wonder if you’d like to

– I’m sorry I can’t

– I’d like to but…

– I’m afraid I can’t

– No, let’s not.

– I’d love to

– I’d like very much

– I’d be happy/glad to accept

– Yes, I’d be delighted to.

– That’s good ide

ExpressingThanks (terima kasih)

Thank you

Thank you very much


Thank   you   very   much   for…   (kata benda)

I’m grateful for…(kata benda/noun)

You are welcome.

That’s all right

Not at all

Don’t mention it

That’s all right

Any time

Congratulations (ucapan selamat)

Congratulations                                                                        It was great to hear…

Congratulations on …                                                             Happy birthday to you.

I’d like to congratulate you.                                                 Happy new year.

I’d like to congratulate you on…                                        Good luck!

It was to hear about….                                                           Have a nice holiday

Sympathy (menyatakan rasa simpati)

Ungkapan-ungkapanperasaansimpatiatas mala petaka/musibah yang dialami orang laindiantaranya:

  • I’m sorry to hear that
  • Oh, that’s too bad.
  • How awful!
  • How terrible!
  • Poor!

Pleasure, Displeasure (senang & tidak senang)

It’s really delightful/Iam delighted

I’m satisfied

That’s great

That’s wonderful

It’s really a great pleasure

I’m dissatisfied

We are fed up with…

I feel dosappointed

She is extremely displeased



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